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Vision and Mission

The Palestine Technical University—Kadoorie will become the flagship of higher education by adhering to the highest quality learning and instructional standards and supporting pedagogical, teaching improvements in Palestine.
Our vision for PTUK shall produce competitive graduates by establishing a core group of highly skilled educators among all faculties equipped with the 21st century teaching skills in order to build and sustain a “community of practice” among our professoriate. The University will achieve this mission by nurturing leadership and sustainable high quality learning and teaching in order to produce competitive, highly employable, high-caliber graduates. 
     1-   To build the capacity of all PTUK staff members in all programs with special focus on technical and scientific programs by introducing courses in:
               a.       The integration of technology in education.
               b.       Pedagogies and new teaching methodologies.
               c.       Specialized courses in simulation and engineering teaching tools and methodologies.
   2- To help staff members develop relevant teaching materials and provide them with the necessary resources that complement new instructional approaches.
     3-  To equip staff members with the knowledge to conduct self- and comprehensive program/curricular evaluation.
     4-  To offer professional development courses for all academics at PTUK.